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Account and registration




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Account and registration

How can I create an account on eFAWATEERcom’s website and app

Access eFAWATEERcom website or mobile app

  1. Choose Register
  2. Fill in your information
  3. Enter the verification code you received on the mobile number you registered with
  4. With easy steps you have created a new account, and you can start paying your bills with ease

What are the password requirements for my eFAWATEERcom account

  1. Must be between 7-15 characters
  2. Must be a combination of English letter and numbers

Can I login using my email address

You can login to your account on eFAWATEERcom website and app through your mobile number or mobile address entered in the registration process after verifying it. And you can also add it later from the account settings

Can I register if I don’t have a national ID number or I’m not Jordanian

yes you can, you have to choose your nationality then your document type (Residency/passport) and fill in the residency card or passport number


Why has my account been locked

Your account is locked after 3 attempts of an incorrect password. It will be unlocked automatically after 30 minutes, or you can unlock your account yourself directly 

Can I unlock my account without calling your Call Center

Your account will be unlocked automatically after 30 minutes, or you can unlock your account yourself directly 

How can I enable login by fingerprint on eFAWATEERcom app

In eFAWATEERcom’s app, select account settings, and enable (login by fingerprint) option

Note: fingerprint should be available and enabled on the mobile device itself

Why I cannot pay partially for some bills

The billers are the ones who decide if the bill accepts partial payments or not, some do accept, and some do not

How many bills can I pay at the same time

You can pay for up to 9 bills at the same time

Why I am suddenly not able to login to eFAWATEERcom app by the face recognition?

If you are not able to login in to eFAWATEERcom app through the face recognition, please re-enable the feature by following the below steps:

  1. Login manually to the mobile application using your mobile number/email along with your password
  2. Select profile settings from the main menu
  3. Disable and re-enable the face recognition feature
  4. Logout and try to login again


What is eFAWATEERcom service

eFAWATEERcom is an Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) service.  It is under the supervision of the Central Bank of Jordan, and operated by MadfooatCom for Electronic Payments. Through eFAWATEERcom, you can pay your bills at your convenience

What is the difference between MadfooatCom and eFAWATEERcom

eFAWATEERcom is a service under the supervision of the Central Bank of Jordan, and MadfooatCom is a private company that operates the service


How can I apply to a job at MadfooatCom/eFAWATEERcom

Interested candidates can send their CVs to following email:


What are the customer service hours?

To ensure the best service is provided, we are available to receive your complaints and suggestions during working hours from 08:30 AM till 12:00 midnight from Sunday to Thursday & from 10:00 AM till 12:00 midnight on Fridays & Saturdays.

You can also contact us via email and social media platforms, and we shall address your concern within 2 working hours.

If a response is found unsatisfactory, customers can report it to the central bank of Jordan via its available communication channels.


What are the available payment channels of eFAWATEERcom

Payment channels are divided into two sections:

*Electronic payment channels

  • Online banking
  • eFAWATEERcom website and mobile app
  • Mobile wallets (Zain Cash, Dinarak, Mahfazati, Aya, Orange Money, National Wallet)

*Cash-based channels

  • All bank branches in the kingdom
  • Jordan post offices
  • eFAWATEERcom authorized agents, like the exchange shops. You can check the closest agent to you by visiting eFAWATEERcom’s map www.efawateercom.jo/map
  • Safeway and Carrefour

Can eFAWATEERcom be used by someone who is outside of Jordan

Yes, it can be used outside of Jordan through the online banking of an active Jordanian bank account, or through our website and mobile application using credit cards or DirectPay

What payment methods are available on eFAWATEERcom website and app

There are two types of electronic payment methods available on our website and app

  1. eFAWATEERcom DirectPay: This payment method links directly to your bank account. To use DirectPay, simply select your bank and your Identification type, then enter your Identification number. Contact your bank if you are unsure of this number. Once completed, the bank will verify your information and confirm your payment through a verification code sent to the mobile phone number registered with the bank. Once you have entered the code, your payment will be completed, and your bill will be settled immediately. You will incur no additional payment method fees when using DirectPay


  1. Credit Cards: Accepted credit cards are Visa and Mastercard. You will need to enter your card details to successfully complete the payment, your payment will be authorized and settled immediately. Please note that you will incur an extra card fees up to 2.5% for the credit cards operator companies

How can I use eFAWATEERcom.jo to inquire about a bill and pay it

You must always inquire about a bill amount to proceed to payment

  • Log in to your account in eFAWATEERcom’s website www.efawateercom.jo or mobile app, or create a new account if you don’t already have one
  • Click on 'Pay new bill'
  • Select your biller’s category
  • Select your biller’s name
  • Select the service you want to pay for
  • Enter your billing number then click on “Inquire”
  • Verify the due amount, then procced to make the payment

Where can I find my billing number that I need to inquire and pay a bill

Each bill has its unique billing number, some of which can be found on the bill itself, some are provided by the biller themselves or through their websites, for example:

-You can find your billing number for Department of Lands and Survey by visiting their website www.dls.gov.jo

- You can find your billing number for Amman Municipality by visiting their website www.amman.jo

- You can find your billing number for certificate of good conduct by visiting their website http://solouk.jordan.gov.jo/

-You can find your billing number for non-conduct certificate by visiting their website https://ncrc.moj.gov.jo/

What are the services (bills) where I don’t incur any eFAWATEERcom fees

You will not incur any fees if paid electronically for the below services:

  1. Electricity bills
  2. Water bills
  3. Greater Amman Municipality services, like: traffic tickets, vocational license and more
  4. Phone bills
  5. Internet subscription

How long does it take for my payment to be transferred to the biller (and for the bill to be paid

The payment is processed in real time, which means that as soon as you receive confirmation that your payment has been paid successfully, the bill is settled directly and the biller is informed of the payment done

Can I receive a receipt of my payments done through eFAWATEERcom

If you pay using our website www.efawateercom.jo or mobile app, you can find all your payment history in the “payments history” section, as well as receive digital receipt with your successful payment on your email by pressing “send email” icon, or downloaded on your device by pressing the “download” icon


Where can I find tips and information about how to use the eFAWATEERcom service in my bank’s mobile app or online banking website

For more information on how to use eFAWATEERcom through your mobile or internet banking, please refer to your bank

How can I use bill scanning feature

This feature is available for some of the service only, you can scan you bill barcode using our application, and the billing number will be filled automatically


How much is eFAWATEERcom fee

eFAWATEERcom fees range from (0.20 – 5) JDs, based on the service and the due amounts

How much is eFAWATEERcom fee

eFAWATEERcom fees range from (0.20 – 5) JDs, based on the service and the due amounts

Who decides if the biller or the customer will absorb eFAWATEERcom fees

The billers decide if they are going to absorb the fees or their customers. There are two types of billers:

  1. Billers who absorb eFAWATEERcom fees on the behalf of their customer, like: electricity, water, Greater Amman Municipality services and phone bills, …)
  2. Billers who chose to make the customer absorb the fees, like: social security and the universities

Why do some banks charge a fee of JOD 1 when I pay at their branches

All banks in Jordan are authorized by the Central Bank to charge a fee for cash payment collections, in order to cover their overhead costs. Some banks have implemented this fee, and some have not. By paying electronically, you can avoid this fee

Why do some eFAWATEERcom booths and agents charge a fee when I pay at their locations

eFAWATEERcom is an electronic system and we focus our efforts on improving lives by making the digital channels as easy and accessible as possible. We created eFAWATEERcom booths and an agent-based network for cash payments as an interim solution. This was to help educate and guide customers towards electronic payments. As we incur significant overhead costs for maintaining these booths, we have implemented a small fee to help offset these costs. Our agents also incur significant costs and help offset them with this fee.

Why do I get charged a fee when I pay through the eFAWATEERcom website using my credit card (Visa or Mastercard)

It is standard practice for customers to get charged for their credit card payments online. This fee is up to 2.5% of the transaction value. It does not go to eFAWATEERcom, but rather to the credit card operator companies. You can avoid this fee by paying electronically using DirectPay (bank account)


Is the system secure

eFAWATEERcom is owned by the Central Bank of Jordan and adheres to strict compliance and security standards

When I inquire about a bill, how come the system does not display the bill holder’s name

This is a restriction applied by the Central Bank of Jordan in order to protect our customers’ privacy, in case random billing numbers where entered

How long will it take to refund a payment that was made by accident or made incorrectly

Refunds are not managed by eFAWATEERcom and we have no control over the process, although we will try our best to assist you wherever we can. Any refunds that are processed need to be approved and handled by the biller and the bank in question. The time it takes to make this refund will depend on your bank’s refund policy

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